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Dating Tip How to Advertise Yourself to Get Noticed by Women Part

At times, you must be wondering why some guys are getting all the attention. They seem to have a giant piece of magnet installed into their body, because they are able to attract women of all shapes and sizes to them almost effortlessly. On the other hand, there some guys who just can't seem to attract any kind of attention from the opposite sex. It is as if they are surrounded by a strong repelling force that women want to stay away from them. So which of the above group of guys do you belong to? If you belong to the first group, then my advice to you is that you can stop reading this article.

Yes, I am serious. Because the rest of this article is totally irrelevant to an attractive magnet like you. If you belong to the second group, then I am sure you must have looked yourself in the mirror a thousand times, and asked yourself these burning questions : What else can I do to attract more attention from the women? What have I done wrong? Is it because of the things I said? Or maybe it is because of the way I look? My friend, please do not despair.

In this dating tip guide, I will show you how to advertise yourself in the right way in front of women, so that you can transform yourself from that dull and unattractive person into someone whom women love to fall head-over-heels with. Show confidence, stay healthy It is human nature that we are all attracted to people who present themselves confidently and who feel good about themselves. Women are especially turned-on by guys who exude a high level of confidence and charm. They find these types of guys incredibly attractive and irresistible. So you can start off by just feeling good about yourself. Because if your are feeling good, then others around you will pick up the signal too.

Feeling good does not necessarily mean that you must be ultra confident. You are simply sending out a message to the others that you are indeed a very positive person, and that you are someone who is worthwhile to be with. In order to feel really good about yourself, you should look after your health. Women would rather be around someone who is healthy and vibrant, than someone who is pale, weak and frail-looking. Smile more often What are your first impressions of someone who don't smile? Your first impressions will be that this person is negative, not friendly and not easily approachable. However, what if the person decides to smile at you? Your views will be very different.

You will find this person warm, friendly and very approachable. So as you can see, a smile can really do wonders in an instant. It can brighten even your darkest days.

As a matter of fact, women would prefer to communicate with a guy who is always smiling, rather than a bloke who is sullen, and wears a blank expression on his face all the time. So starting from today, smile more often. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the reaction of other people when they see your smiling face. Be enthusiastic about life Come on, be more enthusiastic about life, will ya? Women like to be around a guy who is enthusiastic, vibrant and full of energy.

They have the impression that these type of guys are always fun to be with. Of course, I am not saying that you must jump up and down like a monkey whenever you see a woman. But at least, show some energy and enthusiasm when you are talking. Talking in a monotone and a lifeless manner will most certainly put the people around you to sleep. Be a good conversationalist Women tend to be mentally stimulated by guys who have the ability to strike up intelligent conversations with them. Are you thinking : Oh, ok, so must I go and read all the encyclopedias in the world? Or must I be better than a rocket scientist? Heck, must I know everything about the Da Vinci code, right down to the fine details? The answer to all the above questions is a big no.

You will make your woman go crazy if you talk to her about all the physics that propels the rocket. You see, it is good to gather some informative knowledge, but too much information can be harmful to your health, and your mental state in particular. So the best way to strike up an intelligent conversation is to use simple yet effective opening lines. Lines like :"I kinda liked your drink.

May I know what is it?", "I can't help but notice your smooth and silky hair. How did you maintain it?" or "I see that you are reading this particular book. You must have liked the author?" should set the tone for a good conversation. End of part 1.

Wyatt Lee is an expert author who writes extensively on the subject of dating and romance. For part 2 of the above article, please visit his Dating Tip blog.

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