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Dating Tips If You Want to Catch Him Dont Let Him Catch You

WANTING is a funny thing, if you think about it. How exactly do you get someone to want something? If you are in the dating market, this is a question you have to be ABLE to answer - because in order to get a partner, boyfriend or husband, you have to know what to do to make the man want you. It seems like great salespeople are born to it. I know I, however, am not one of them, and most people are not. If you want someone to want something, then, what do you do? Do you try to talk them into it - convincing them that they need it? Do you just give it to them in hopes that they will pay for it once they find out they like it? No. Think about a diamond for a moment.

What makes a diamond valuable? Are they a dime a dozen? No. They are RARE. Their value lies in the act that they are not easily come by, and therefore, everyone wants one. What you need to understand is that you ARE the precious gem.

If you want to remain appealing and exciting to a guy, you need to imagine yourself as priceless, extraordinary and WANTED. Remember the last thing you just HAD to have? Maybe it was some new gadget like an iPod or a new Juke phone. You thought about it all the time, you were totally psyched to get it and thought the price was certainly worth it. Then after you had it for a while, it was still great, but you thought about it less and less until you finally either forgot about it or use it without even realizing it. Once the anticipation is gone, unless there is true substance to a relationship, the attraction fades as well.

If you think about this in terms of a relationship with a man, if you let him catch you before the relationship has really begun, then the attraction will soon perish as well. So what you need to do to create attraction for your date is to think of yourself as a wild animal, unable to be captured. Most women, though, WANT to be captured! As funny as that sounds, to many women, the idea of being caught and "tamed" is sexy and alluring - they like the idea of the strength that represents for a man. However - if you want to keep HIM attracted, you need to lead him on a merry chase.

So how do you DO this? Well, start with the small things. First and foremost - don't have SEX with him until you are SURE a relationship has developed. Keep in mind that for a man - having sex does not mean he loves you or is in a "relationship" with you by any means. So do not give it up until you have what you want from him. You can also do things like keeping him on his toes by ending a conversation a little too soon. That may seem very strange - but think about it.

It will leave him hanging, and thinking about, and anticipating the next time he will talk to you. This is GREAT for attraction. Another thing that you can do is to not be available when calls.

Wait a couple hours to call him back, or if you can stand it, until the next day. You can even carry that over to when he asks you for date. Don't settle for the first date he tells you. If he suggests you go out on Thursday, tell him y9ou are busy that night, but how about Saturday instead? Do you see what I mean here? Remember always - men (and women too) are more attracted to the things they cannot have. Scarcity creates value, and practicing making yourself scarce will create more value for him and you in the end.

This is also a concept that can be applied while you are IN a relationship to KEEP the attraction natural and lasting, so you can not only GET the guy, but you can keep him as well!.

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