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More Random Advice On Attracting Women

The Senses A man must trigger all of a woman's senses to give him the best chance of courting her. * Sight: A man must look his best. This is a no brainer. *Smell: A man must smell masculine. Good cologne is key (But not too much).

*Touch: A man's touch must be welcome and must feel good. *Sound: A man must sound masculine (See above) *Taste: Not applicable until sex  Attraction Through Contrast If your masculinity greatly contrasts her femininity, you will be more attractive to her. Have you ever heard that "opposites attract"? That's what this means. The more sexual contrast there is, the more attractive you will be.

Don't act like one of her girl friends or platonic guy friends. She probably has plenty of people like this in her life. Be different. Be a man! She wants a man to accentuate and emphasize her femininity. Emotion Over Reason Women can be very emotional. That's how they're wired.

Any decision she makes about you regarding sex will not be a rational decision. It will be an emotional one every time. By the way, this applies in all areas of life. A good car salesman makes the sale because he makes the buyer envision himself in the car.

He doesn't appeal to the logical brain. Neither should you. Remember this. Emotions trump logic. Letting Go Of Outcome A high status man does not lust for results.

Ever heard "It's not the destination, it's the journey"? How true this is. By lusting for a result, you will mess yourself up and stop being in control of yourself. Just enjoy the moment and enjoy her company (You do like being around women don't you?) Your calm and in-control state will let her relax and feel at ease, paradoxically helping your chances. Things will happen more smoothly. You can just wait for the signals and act on them if you fee like it.

Menstrual Cycle She will be more receptive to you during her menstrual period. This doesn't help unless you know what her cycle is, but it is interesting nevertheless.

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