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My Seattle Wedding Experience

At the wedding months from December to July, limitless counts of white satin and silk are prepared as the brides walk down the lovely aisle. This is the picture of a Seattle wedding that will surely take your breath away. Located in the state of Washington between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, Seattle is place where you can just feel the energy pulsing through your veins. It is this energy that makes it perfect if you want to have your wedding here.

Still have doubts? Do not worry since I will be sharing my Seattle wedding at its best. Seattle is a great and popular city that could have everything you need to make your dream wedding come true. From the preparation of the wedding ceremony down to the details of your reception and even up to the intricate details of your honeymoon, Seattle has everything you will need.

It is called Emerald City and a lovely place for a romantic wedding. Of course, any wedding can turn out perfectly if planned ahead of time. Thinking about the accommodation for your guests should be on top of your list. Besides, you would want to give them the pleasure of witnessing one of the best events in your life so why not make a good impression? And gladly, Seattle is the place full of nice hotels, comfortable inns and retreat houses that will ideal for the wedding of a lifetime. Are you thinking about the reception? Well, then you would not feel the lack of it in Seattle.

The place is actually teeming with great and unforgettable wedding reception venues, according to your theme. There is no lack of wedding reception venue for you - traditional, country-style, modern and urban ambiance, it is entirely up to your choice. In addition, whether you need a place wide enough to accommodate hundreds of guests or just an intimate one for a few special guests and families, you would never have a problem locating such in Seattle. Well, any Seattle wedding would be awesome if you choose the best bridal fashions, the vibrant decorations, lovely flower arrangements, the fancy wedding souvenirs, the music playing and so much more. When it comes to the bridal dress, there are many fancy wedding shops in Seattle and there are numerous, great designers around the city so you would not have a hard time thinking of where to shop for your bridal gown.

The groom can also choose from a wide range of coats, pants and accessories that fit the gown perfectly. Another good thing about Seattle wedding is the nice reception facilities that the wedding planners offer. Besides, your planner will help you all the way from the wedding preparations down to the end of the reception. Next thing is the much awaited honeymoon. You may not know it but Seattle offers the best places to go. Ever wondered of a beach side retreat and having to see the sunset and sunrise on a cozy day? The typical country side could be your ultimate honeymoon getaway.

So why not plan ahead and get married in Seattle? Nothing would be more romantic than exchanging vows and love in one of the most wonderful cities in the country.

Find great Seattle wedding inspiration, merchants, and visit a Seattle wedding expo to find everything in one place.

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