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How To Avoid Common Pitfalls In Online Dating

Check out if you are using online services properly. Using online personals does not seem to be a daunting task. This is why most people don't get any results out of it - everything seems to be so simple, just post a profile and start dating!

1. GIVING IT A TRY Be more positive, don't just run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes it. There is someone waiting out there for you, and hoping to find them is too negative an attitude. Maximize your chances now.

2. IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND SOMEONE, THEY WILL HAVE TO FIND ME Contact others first, even if it means you have to pay for a premium membership. Most people will respond to someone showing an interest. On a large site with a huge data base who is going to find you.

3. NEVER SEND OUT THE SAME LETTERS TO MORE THAN ONE PERSON This is not only lazy but rude. How do you expect anyone to show an interest in you, when their is nothing personal in the communication. There can't be because you are sending them to more than one person. Take the time and make the effort and write individually to each person you are really interested in .

4. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO YOUR PROFILE Write a letter that has something to make someone else interested in you. Don't just say "Hi, how about reading my profile" How captivating is that, you have shown less than an interest, you are asking for your communication to be deleted - Make the effort.

5. DO YOU FOLLOW UP YOUR LETTERS If you have not recieved an answer then get on to that person again and ask them if they have received your letter. However, check that they can reply to you before sending a letter. Ask the recipient of your communication to have the courtesy of a reply, even if they are not interested. Explain that this stops you writing letters to loads of people and you will not be able to reply to some.

6. WHEN CONTACTING SOMEONE BE INTERESTING Tell them more than how you think and who they are. Flatter them - tell them what was so interesting in their profile, even if it's just plain looks. The other person can always read your profile, tell them something interesting and different & pique there interest levels. Be the right guy for HER. If you do not fit her requirements 100%, tell her why it won't be a problem. You pride yourself as having a great sense of humor? Back up your claim - make her laugh! From the first line, your letter should grab her attention and she should not be able to stop reading until the end. BOTTOM LINE: Write interesting letters - the type of letters you would like to receive.

7. LIMIT YOUR CONTACTS. Your are looking for someone special. If you contact too many people, you may be deluged with responses. Make sure that you can follow through.

8. GIVING UP "It just doesn't work for me". Compare profiles and find out why it is not working for you.

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