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Planning for Growth with Distance Learning Surveying

Distance learning surveying and estimation is catching pace with the growth in construction and allied financing industry segments. The need for professionally qualified surveyors is increasing, as a perfect survey report is essential in all stages of construction planning and financing. While engineers primarily did these jobs, with the growth in market and economic pressures, coupled with the shortage of engineers for these jobs, certified surveyors have filled in the void. Learning Surveying Surveying is concerned with estimating, planning and controlling project costs. So you have to be good with numbers as that is what you will be dealing with most of the time.

In addition, you have to be good analytically, both mathematically and logically. Though this may seem a little complex for the uninitiated to this subject, take heart, as the course will take care of all of the requirements provided you have your basics in numbers and logic right. A distance learning surveying course opens career opportunities in quantity surveying and building surveying and offers wide opportunities around the globe, in private practice, public sector, government departments and areas of property investment, general practice, property portfolio management, contracts surveying, facilities management, construction site management and building maintenance.

Distance Learning Centers A number of leading educational institutions like Department of Building Engineering and Surveying, Heriot-Watt University and College of Estate Management offer distance learning surveying. At ICS, while you learn from one of the leaders, you also get access to their student community and resources. The assessment at various stages and all time availability of student advisors is an added advantage. B.Sc. (Quantity Surveying) and B.

Sc. (Building Surveying) and M.Sc., are honors degree distance learning surveying programs, offered by The University of Reading, a premier distance educator of international repute, in partnership with College of Estate Management. Various levels of the course meet the requirements of authorities like Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers.

These bodies are also one of the best sources of comprehensive and qualitative information on the courses in demand, recognized institutions offering them and other important factors like quality and cost of education. There are certain entry criteria as well as exemptions for certain qualifications for the degree courses in all institutions. Determine your own educational needs, scout for the best distance education program in surveying, and evaluate it in accordance with your needs to build a constructive future.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Guide to Distance Learning. Please visit to learn more about online colleges and universities, distance learning degrees, majors and courses offered. http://www.guide-to-distance-learning.com/index.html

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