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Playing Cupid This Valentines Day

One of the most exciting parts of Valentine's Day is seeing the pleasure that your lover receives when she realizes how much you truly love her. Keeping this in mind, one of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure that from the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep, Cupid shows his face in all kinds of ways. If you continue to surprise her the whole day long she will see how much she means to you and you will have one of the best Valentine's Days in memory. Playing Cupid can be incredibly easy. As long as you know your lover then it should be a piece of cake. To ensure the day is perfect you merely need to create some wonderful surprises for her, buy her some presents, and spoil her rotten.

Add in some special moments of love and TLC and she will be sure to be a new woman by the end of the day. Wake her up with breakfast in bed to help her start the day. If you want to make a good effect, get the day started and let her sleep in before you wake her up. If all she has to do is eat her breakfast, you will be well on your way to making an impression.

Once she's finished eating, draw her bubble bath and offer to bathe her. She's your princess, after all, so you might as well treat her that way. You could even pick out her clothing for the day while she's relaxing in the tub to help her out. When she's finished, towel her off and let her get dressed.

You could drive her to work so that she has her very own driver at her service. Of course, if you do this you should pick her up at lunchtime so that you can take her to a special lunch. Additionally, for dinner you might want to choose either a catered, gourmet meal at home or a romantic picnic-style meal at a romantic location (beach, mountains, back yard). Other special events in the day could include: Dancing Massage Sessions Reading her Love Letters you've written Reading Poetry to her Taking her out to a movie she wants to see Handling the kids all day for her Cleaning the house for her When it comes to picking out presents you should pick things out that are going to be unexpected and fun.

If you know there is something that she wants and doesn't have then you should consider picking it up. This is especially true if you know she's not expecting the item. For example, you might choose to buy her a special dress you know that she's had her eye on. This would work well if you planned to take her out for a night on the town.

Additionally, you might consider buying her things she may not expect. While flowers, candy, and cards are always good, you could also add in, lingerie, bath products (for relaxation purposes), perfumes, and even adult toys. These things will all make her feel good and help to relax her, which is never a bad thing when choosing a present for your female lover.

Shayla Moore is a writer for http://www.oasislingerie.com She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

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