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The First Date

Did you know 80% of potential relationships end after the first date? So what must you do to avoid using the patterns which will lead you to a certain failure?

The first date, especially after a long online dating period can be a very nervous experience and high expectations of building a relationship may put a lot of pressure on you. So what must you do to ease the anxiety? What must you do to take your chances to a second date?:

- Choose a place where you can be able to make an uninterrupted conversation with your date. Never take your date to the movies as you can't start to get to know your date, neither can he/she.

- Be at this place on time. Not earlier or later.

- Look your best, be presentable and comfortable. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Buying new clothes is a good idea but if you dont have the time, be sure that they are clean and tidy. - Do not try to be more or different than yourself, always be yourself.

- Make your date comfortable. Find something nice about your date, make a compliment and leave it there. Do not overcompliment.

- Be creative, funny and flirting. Putting a smile on your dates' face may sweep away the nervous feelings you both use to have.

- On your 1st date dont talk too much about yourself, take your time and pay attention to your date. Remember you are being tested by your date and you should also be testing your date.

- If you are unsure about yourself at that time our you feel like your date is to good to be with you, you must clear of your mind from those poisonous questions as it will make you more nervous than you should be.

- Be honest about yourself. This is not a marketing game. Lying or exagerrating about yourself could only destroy your chances of a potential relationship.

- If you feel like everything is going well, ask for a second date but do not wait for a confirmation right away or overly repeat asking.

- At the end of your first date, always thank your date for the nice time you had and if you feel like she or he is not ready for the first kiss, save it for later.

The first date can be a nerve-racking and uneasy event for both parts but always remember you're the prize to be won. If your date does not value you or your time, it's her/his loss and you must carry on with your life. There'll always be plenty of chances for you to find the right person.

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