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The Muslim wedding is Traditional and Colorful

A wedding is always a happy time for families to celebrate. The Muslim wedding traditions maintain some similarities based on faith. However, there are also colorful, cultural variations from place to place. The various Muslim wedding traditions reflect the diversity of the Muslim world. The procedure of selection of the marriage partners is considered to be the most important factoring a Muslim wedding: they give every possible attention to this basic point. The match-making could be done among cousins but it is not always possible.

In most cases, it is the elderly ladies of the families concerned who take the lead in the matter. They consider it their foremost duty to suggest marriage proposals for the marriageable girls and boys. Other members of the family are also on the lookout for suitable young people.

If you don't like the traditional method of looking for your soul mate, then the internet can come to your rescue with the most interesting and enjoyable search process for your life partner, through BayNikah.com which caters to young Muslim young singles. Although many Muslims stage a multiday celebration to mark a Muslim wedding, the traditional marriage ritual itself, called a nikah in Arabic, is simple and brief. It generally follows these steps: At the Muslim wedding, which can take place pretty much anywhere, the bride and groom are separated in different rooms.

They may or may not be able to see each other, depending on how conservative the families are. An officiant, who can be any man familiar with Islamic law, heads to each room separately. There he asks the spouses-to-be if they consent to the marriage and if they are marrying of their own free will. The couple signs the Muslim wedding contract or license, with witnesses observing. The officiant brings the pair together and pronounces them husband and wife. Baynikah site allows Muslim users to sign up to the site relatively easily and to contact other Muslim members of the site free of charge to find potential marriage partners.

The service is designed for Muslim singles who want a fully-featured site that caters to their needs and does not include the charges associated with other websites. Most of the site features are self-explanatory and users will find it very easy to navigate around the site and to make the most of the tools designed to find potential partners very quickly and efficiently and go ahead with a Muslim wedding of their choice.

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